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Quality control

Maintaining quality is never an easy task. Each section of Shinkansai Steel Corporation conducts tensile tests and impact tests on manufactured products for each section to confirm that the strength and other properties of the products are within the specified ranges.
It is a matter of course that our products meet general standards and quality assurance levels. What we are aiming for on top of that is whether or not we are able to exceed the demands, requests, and expectations of our customers.
The demands of our customers are becoming more stringent every year, and we are receiving requests that would have been considered difficult or impossible in the past. Even if it is a difficult task that we cannot achieve on our own, we try to do our best by collaborating and cooperating with members in our plants.

“Customer first”

By continuing to take this approach, we will not be satisfied with just a certain level of quality, but we will be able to daily progress in terms of quality as Shinkansai Steel Corporation.

Unique quality and production control system that achieves both low cost and high quality

A detailed quality control system is incorporated in each process of the steelmaking line, rolling line, and inspection line at Shinkansai Steel Corporation. This is to constantly check the quality and prevent any problems from occurring. Most of the production lines are streamlined by unmanned operation to reduce costs, while the management and inspection sections are controlled by skilled technicians who keep a strict eye on them. This quality control system is the crystallization of the know-how that Shinkansai Steel Corporation has accumulated over the years.

  • KVS-80 Round bar straightening machine

  • Rotating AC flux leakage flaw detector

  • General view of the flaw detector

  • 16+1 point type automatic marking system

  • Monitor

  • Magnetization principle and flux leakage scanning

Acquired ISO 9001 certification





In 2002, the Head Office, Sakai Plant, Hoshida Plant, and Tokyo Office acquired the ISO 9001 certification. In 2017, the ISO 9001:2015 renewal certification was obtained.