2. Sustainability
  3. SDGs mapping

SDGs mapping


Since the foundation of the company,
we have been contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through our steel recycling business.

As we engage in the recycling business using steel scrap as its main raw material, we have been conducting our business with the aim of realizing a sustainable society that is environmentally friendly and recycling-oriented. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are international goals set by the United Nations, are in line with our corporate slogan, “鉄の再生から、未来の彩製へ。”

About electric furnaces

The electric furnace industry is a resource-recycling industry in the reuse of iron.
This method is more suitable for energy conservation than the blast furnace method in the same industry. The electric furnace method, which consumes a large amount of electricity, contributes to efficient power generation and supply (load leveling) for electric power companies because the majority of the electricity is used at night when demand for electricity is low.