2. Sustainability
  3. Safety initiatives

Safety initiatives

Our highest priority is to never stop the P (plan) D (do) C (check) A (action) cycle. Creating a safe work environment is more difficult than words can say. No matter how careful we are in our efforts, there is no such thing as 100% safety. That is why we are putting 100% effort into eliminating each and every risk and continuing to create an environment that we believe is safe.

RA / KY / VR

  • Implementation of risk assessment

    RA Committee meetings are held monthly to address potential risks.

  • Implementation of hazard prediction

    KY is conducted before the start of each workday at each worksite, and each employee is encouraged to improve their sensitivity to risks and hazards.

  • Experience hazards with virtual reality

    All employees (including those of subcontractors) are given the opportunity to experience dangers and hazards using VR to raise awareness of the risks.