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Steel bars for structures

After cutting, forging, and drawing processes,
this product is used for a wide range of applications.

The cross section of this steel is round.
In addition to a wide range of sizes, a variety of steel grades are also available.
Processed by cutting, forging, drawing, etc., and used for various applications such as parts and shafts.

Main use

  • Shipbuilding

    Mainly used for longitudinal members of decks and longitudinal and transverse strength members as a framework member and face material of ships.

  • Construction machinery

    Used for various components of power shovels, bulldozers, wheel loaders, etc.

  • Industrial machinery

    Used for various components of forklifts etc.

  • Agricultural machinery

    Used for various components of tillers and tractors etc.

  • Construction

    Used for steel structural components such as flanges, diaphragms, and splice plates of H-welding and joints of buildings.

  • Civil engineering

    Used for grating commonly found in society, segmental materials, and bridge structural members.

  • Chain (conveyor, ships)

    Mainly used for conveyor chains and chains for shipbuilding.

  • Forging

    Used as base material for forging various industrial parts.

  • Cold drawn bars

    Used by secondary pultrusion manufacturers.

Available size

a : 14~80mm

Download Size Chart

Available steel type

Name of steel type Standard number Code
Rolled steel for general structures JIS G3101
JIS certified
SS490 SS540 (SS590)
Rolled steel for welded structures JIS G3106
JIS certified
SM400A SM400B SM400C
SM490A SM490B SM490C
SM490YA SM490YB SM520B
SM520C SM570  
Rolled steel for building structures JIS G3136
JIS certified
SN400A SN400B SN400C
SN490B SN490C  
Rolled bar for building structures JIS G3138
Round steel for chains JIS G3105
SBC490 SBC690  
Carbon steel for machine structures JIS G4051
JIS certified
Alloy steel for machine structures JIS G4053
JIS certified
SCM435 SCM440 SMn433
SMn438 SMn443  
Structural steel products (H steel)
with guaranteed hardenability
JIS G4052
SCM435H SCM440H SMn433H
SMn438H SMn443H  
Spring steel JIS G4801
Alloy steel bolts for high temperature applications JIS G4107
Internal standards, etc. Steel for welded structures
KWF590S SHT590  
High strength steel
Non-tempered steel
High manganese carbon steel
Other (spring steel)
50CrV4 5160H