2. Company information
  3. Corporate philosophy, Management policy, Quality policy

Corporate philosophy

"Customer satisfaction comes first"
is the basic principle of Shinkansai Steel Corporation.

  • 1.We aim to be a company with a strong presence that continues to pursue the efficient manufacturing of products that meet and satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.
  • 2.In addition to contributing to the construction of social capital through our products, we also contribute to energy conservation and the preservation of the global environment through the recycling of iron resources.
  • 3.We strengthen cost competitiveness by rationalizing production systems to provide our customers with products at appropriate prices and to stabilize and improve the lives of our shareholders and employees.
  • 4.We create a healthy, safe, and rewarding work environment by mobilizing the collective strength of our organization with the participation of all employees based on mutual trust and understanding.
  • 5.We aim to be a company that coexists in harmony with nature and contributes to the local community.

Management policy

"Based on quickly achieving unity among all employees and mobilizing all their strength to produce the maximum synergistic effect."

  • 1.To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we will build a complete quality assurance and supply system in supplying a wide range of products.
  • 2.To increase production system efficiency and improve quality, the Sakai and Hoshida plants focus on their respective areas of expertise in terms of product type and size, and actively exchange their superior technologies.
  • 3.To strengthen the management system, we strive to improve the overall efficiency of our facilities and strategically reinforce the facility capabilities.
  • 4.We promote human resource development and multi-skilled workers to limit the number of employees to highly skilled ones.

Quality policy

We respond to our customers’ various demands and expectations
and manufacture and stably supply products that satisfy them and earn their trust.

  • 1.We ensure the quality of products required by our customers and continuously improve and maintain their quality.
  • 2.We promptly respond to customer needs and work to develop new products that can help customers improve their business.
  • 3.As an integrated electric furnace manufacturer, we pursue efficient manufacturing processes and improve management techniques with the participation of all employees.