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Health Declaration

Shinkansai Steel Corporation Health Declaration

Shinkansai Steel Corporation will make every effort to support the health of employees and their families and to create a comfortable workplace.
We will work to ensure that our employees and their families are both mentally and physically healthy so that they can fully utilize their abilities. We also declare that we will carry out better corporate activities by building a vibrant workplace.
Our employees are an irreplaceable asset to our company. We will implement the following action guidelines so that our employees can continue to work in good health.

Action guidelines

We always create a workplace where it is comfortable to work. (We make improvements in both facilities and systems.)

We create the environment where employees are satisfied, including the establishment of new internal rules and regulations.

We encourage employees to use paid vacations.

We encourage employees to have chatting time and create an environment for it.

We constantly monitor the condition of the company as a whole to ensure that employees are not overworking.

We conduct thorough management of overtime hours.

We implement visualization of health promotion.

One-day no-smoking day

Whole company exercise day

Nap time (about 15 to 30 minutes to give the brain a rest)

Establishment of no-shoes zone

Installation of open space

Consideration for color scheme of facilities (green, sky blue, etc.)

Consideration for functional decline in older workers

We pay consideration to age and age-related conditions.

We create a work environment where women find it comfortable to work.

Flexible use of short work hours

We support employees who are raising children.

New installation of childcare benefits

We encourage employees to take cancer screening.

We expand health checkup in the company or provide subsidies.

We improve and revitalize physical and mental fitness.
We prioritize in providing support for returning to work and balancing medical treatment and work.
We provide employees and managers to have periodic interviews with industrial physicians and other medical professionals.

We collaborate with medical professionals on the physical and mental aspects and provide maximum support to improve them.

We use stress checks to revitalize the organization. (Use of collective analysis)

Shinkansai Steel Corporation
Representative Director Osamu Matsutani